The Hoverboard, the future is here and it is very fun.

How many people who saw the movie “Back to the future” were not hooked on the flying skateboard of its protagonist, Marty McFly. That was precisely the inspiration that the creators of the self-balancing electric skateboard or Hoverboard had. Since its appearance they have not stopped attracting attention and here we want to point out the important points you must bear in mind before buying yours:

With regard to its technical characteristics and quality, you should know that a Hoverboard has a weight and a standard loading time regardless of the model you choose. Most weigh about 10 kg so if it is lighter, it could be a low-quality indicator. The maximum load can vary from one model to another, but on average, they are usually 100kg.
When an appropriate battery is used for the device, the charging time does not exceed two hours to reach 100%. If a charger with different amperage than the hoverboard battery is used, this will cause the waiting time to be longer, but more importantly, it can damage the Hoverboard.
Another point to consider is the resistance since although most models have an optimal level; some designs are also resistant to water which gives you more freedom to use it when it rains.
Likewise, if you are someone who likes hiking and you want to take your hoverboard with you, it is best to choose a hoverboard all terrain (hoverboard tout terrain), which adapts to your activities without inconvenience.
In terms of autonomy and speed, the minimum average of any model is in a range between 18 and 25 kilometers, so if you want to travel long distances you must choose a model with a high autonomy. The minimum speed is usually 15km / h and depends on the power of the battery.
On websites like, you can access the Hoverboard tests that will guide you to choose an ideal model for you.
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